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Saturday, August 12, 2006

Yesterday was the day ...

We got daughters freshmen books and the price wasnt what I added up it was MUCH less Paise God.. almost a 100.00 cheaper than I had added .. WHEW!! I had my stamp-a-stack last night and it was a fast moving night . I set the timer for each card to be made for 10 mins. Each Stampin Queen got her card done usually under the 10 min time frame .. super fun night .. My daughter was acting silly as usual { she comes by it naturally from her Father :-)..} the below photo was of her and her friends feet last night at the stamp-a-stack ..

last night we also seen alot of inky fingers roaming around the Stamp-a-stack. Who says inky Fingers is a BAD thing ?? NOT me :-) below are a few of those wonderful inky fingers

I am off to clean my stampin room and maybe stamp some today I also have a Angel class I will be attending on line tonight while my Hubby and Daughter go bowling with the church youth group .. I will be uploading my photos of last nights S-A-S to my web shots gallery
Until later Happy Stampin


  • At 10:03 AM, Blogger Susan said…

    Looks like you all had great fun. It's nice to see your daughter and her friend join in too. I liked your other card as well. Keep on blogging, please! I am sure others will want to see what you have done/are doing :-)


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