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Thursday, August 10, 2006

Supension card

Supension cards have been around for awhile and at my last Hostess appreciation party we made these with my past years hostess's items you need are 2 simular punch designs BUT 1 lg and 1 sm I am using the new Oval punch for my sample also sticky strip and linen thread and snail adhesive and then any color cardstock you perfer and cordinating ink I am also using our new Hoilday double sided designer seriers paper with the new snow flurries and perfect ending all of which will be in the new holiday mini coming out Sept 1st - Nov 30th Once you have the supplies we can begin ..

stamp the header on your base card as shown below in photo

This step is the most important step for supension cards ..Take your designer paper and apply your ahesive to the back left side ONLY as in the photo below

this is what your card should look like once you apply your designer paper to the front of your base card Photo below

Take the biggest punch you have betwen the 2 you have picked out ..I am using the Lg oval punch .. Punch on the right hand side of your card ( making sure to stay away from the adhesive side you just did above ) Punch through the designer paper and the top of your base card ( DO not punch through the back of your card )

the below photo should be what your card looks like so far ( Photo #6)

ok now stamp a small word or image small enough to fit inside your smallest punch ( I am using the sm oval punch . you will stamp your image twice and punch out twice also one for front and one for back will make sence as we proceed down

apply sticky strip to only one of your punched images ( look at photo below #8)

apply a strip of linen thread and lay it across the sticky strip as shown in below photo #9once you have the linen thread applied to the back side of the sticky strip line up the second punch out of the same image making sure that both images are right face up so you can spin the center and see both images are the same

apply 2 small strips of sticky strip on top of the lg punch out under the designer paper and one strip under the large punch out under designer paper .see photo below #10

put the spinner / supension piece in the middle of the large punch out and press the linen thread down into the sticky strip making sure it stays put.. and then trim the linen thread so it will not show once you lay your designer paper down on top then using your reg adhesive apply your ahesive the the other part of the base card that your designer paper will adhere to . see blow photo #11

your finished card now embellish your fancy supension card

Dawns finshed card below

another card sample this one is a birthday card for a friend


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