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Monday, August 14, 2006


LOOK at my new Hat I got at Cedar Point had to wear it for Diane since she knows How crazy I am for Great Hats. This hat looks like its poky But it is really really soft..

WOWZIE what a day!!! We had a stamp-a-thon today. We made all kinds of goodies .. in just 3 hours .( I had a R.A doctors appt at 2:45pm ) so as usual we had a time limit on our time together, BUT we squeezed in any time we get and BOY we were squeezin some stampin in today right up to the last min

This is a overlook at what we all made in the 3 hour time frame we had ..

the famous pocket card was on the menu also

Thanks goes to Stampin Silvia for the Great tip on the book marker card we had to try one of these also .. Diane also got a new kitty and hasnt named her yet though .. she is such a cutie pie tons of spots and sooo little . her breed is a Bangel .. Never heard of such a breed .. see you learn something new everyday .. Until later Happy Stamping!


  • At 6:43 PM, Anonymous Crystal SU Angel said…

    Hey, Dawn - thought I'd check out your BLOG. I had only a vague notion of what this was until I read a new suspense book recently where the heroine started a one.

    Yours has good info, too! I'm going to have the CASE the pocket card (have done ones on top but not on the side).

    GREAT hat, btw!!


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