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Thursday, August 17, 2006

RE_Direction ..

YUP title of this post says it all .. I have started a NEW Blog with Type pad so if your reading this post Please I would like to call your attendtion to the new "RE-DIRECTION of Dawns Stamping thoughts .. But like this Current blog your on now ..I am not sure how long I will continue to use this new thing called "A blog" But until Sept 15th You can view what I have on there .. Because come Sept 16th My FREE trail offer from Type pad will be expired and at this point I am not sure what I will do in the future .. I will always have my web shots gallery and my SU! web site as my anchors in my Business so Please book mark my other sites as well If I do not continue with the Blog .

See you on "The Other side "
Happy Stamping

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

No Photos are being uploaded ..

I am wondering why ?? I cleaned my Temporary cookies file and I have done all sorts of research on what I can do and Nothing is working ..IF only someone could help me ??
Until Later ..

STILL NO Uploads ..

Hi Stampers :
So sorry for the problem with not being able to upload my photos .. I still keep on trying BUT get Nothing ERRRR Maybe I should Just stick with my web shots gallery .. Today I plan on getting ready for my class on Friday night have some pre cutting of cardstock to do and loading up all the goodies in a bag . I am sure there will be stamping done today and If I figure out how to get my photos uploaded you will be the 1st to see them here . I am seriouly thinking of trying another company for my BLOG as a trial offer and see how that goes .. I will keep you Posted ..
Till Later
Happy Stamping

Tuesday, August 15, 2006


EDITED below ...

Yup New things are happening its just that I cant seem to upload my scans today ..If your reading this post and have any clue on what I can do please post your helpful words in my comments..
In the mean time .. My projects I hopefully will be uploading soon ??? I got new things to share from my stampin room . YUP I had goodies in my stampin room un- opened CAN you believe it :-) I finally opened my Simon lower ON board accessories YEA!! I love the look You get when you apply the classic ink using the DTP ( direct to paper ) technique anyway thats for my froggie card and THEN my All natural card I tried my hand at using the watercolored crayons and embossing Yup you can do IT!!
Using your versamarker of course and rubbing it on your watercolored crayon and coloring in your image then apply clear embossing to your image .. sooo rubberly terrific I cant wait to show you what My new thing Tuesday projects are BUT until I figure out what I can do ..I have no idea When this will all take place .. Please help if you can
Till later Happy Stamping...

I was able to upload one of my cards so far ( Froggie with the ON board Simon Lower accessory ..BELOW) ..Dont know what I did exactly But still trying to upload the other OH MY what am I doing wrong ??? I will keep trying Hang on girls cross your fingers

Monday, August 14, 2006


LOOK at my new Hat I got at Cedar Point had to wear it for Diane since she knows How crazy I am for Great Hats. This hat looks like its poky But it is really really soft..

WOWZIE what a day!!! We had a stamp-a-thon today. We made all kinds of goodies .. in just 3 hours .( I had a R.A doctors appt at 2:45pm ) so as usual we had a time limit on our time together, BUT we squeezed in any time we get and BOY we were squeezin some stampin in today right up to the last min

This is a overlook at what we all made in the 3 hour time frame we had ..

the famous pocket card was on the menu also

Thanks goes to Stampin Silvia for the Great tip on the book marker card we had to try one of these also .. Diane also got a new kitty and hasnt named her yet though .. she is such a cutie pie tons of spots and sooo little . her breed is a Bangel .. Never heard of such a breed .. see you learn something new everyday .. Until later Happy Stamping!

Marvelous MONDAY..

Know why its sooooo Marvelous ??
Cause my bestest gal Diane ( Fellow SU! demo also) is coming over to stamp with me today .. We dont seem to have enough time together so when we plan a stampin date its always full of fun, laughing and of course stamping .. We are planning on going to Lansing MI regionals with a few of my DL Glitter Queens gonna be a HOOT of a time .. so stay tuned on what we get into today ..:-)
OH Happy Day!

Saturday, August 12, 2006

Playing today .

Yesterday I had one of my GQ Gals ask me ( Glitter Queens My DL group name )
" So did you use the new Halloween designer paper from the Holiday mini yet ?? "
Sad to say as of yesterday I have'nt even opened my new fancy paper yet .. BUT today is a NEW day YAHOO! I Love the new paper and made these two Supension cards with the new paper .. SO YES Glitter Queen I have used my new paper TODAY!!! :-) and here is what I made . I love making these supension cards directions are below .. The Tag Punch one I needed only the one Tag punch since I could trim down the stamped tag image to fit the larger punch out on base card ..
Till Later ..Happy Stamping

Yesterday was the day ...

We got daughters freshmen books and the price wasnt what I added up it was MUCH less Paise God.. almost a 100.00 cheaper than I had added .. WHEW!! I had my stamp-a-stack last night and it was a fast moving night . I set the timer for each card to be made for 10 mins. Each Stampin Queen got her card done usually under the 10 min time frame .. super fun night .. My daughter was acting silly as usual { she comes by it naturally from her Father :-)..} the below photo was of her and her friends feet last night at the stamp-a-stack ..

last night we also seen alot of inky fingers roaming around the Stamp-a-stack. Who says inky Fingers is a BAD thing ?? NOT me :-) below are a few of those wonderful inky fingers

I am off to clean my stampin room and maybe stamp some today I also have a Angel class I will be attending on line tonight while my Hubby and Daughter go bowling with the church youth group .. I will be uploading my photos of last nights S-A-S to my web shots gallery
Until later Happy Stampin

Friday, August 11, 2006

Todays the day :

Todays the day.....We go and get my daughters High school classes and her books ..OH my it seems like just yesterday she was starting kindergarden and now she is a Freshman in High school .. Is it me or are school books getting outragous in price ..I remember when the registation fee use to include the book fees ..WELL no more I guess it all goes back to the dollar even with Christian schools . Jessica loves her school and I am very thankful we switched her from her old school .. So much more to offer her . She will also be starting back up taking piano lessons with Mrs Amy again this year .. She really seems to love playing . We went and got her supplies on Wednesday I had a BUNCH of 3.00 coupons from Staples and We got 75.bucks worth of goodies for her this year for only 42.00 cant beat that .( WELL ok maybe there should have been some new Rubbah in there for MOM now that would have been PERFECT! ) . Yesterday I was finishing up on my Stamp-a-stack event and I finally got my last card design with credit going to Heidi Teadt she is a personal friend of mine and is also a demo for Stampin' Up! she had one of her cards on the SU! stampers showcase and I took her idea and changed the colors and I just love the way it turned out .. Until later Happy Stampin !!

Thursday, August 10, 2006

Supension card

Supension cards have been around for awhile and at my last Hostess appreciation party we made these with my past years hostess's items you need are 2 simular punch designs BUT 1 lg and 1 sm I am using the new Oval punch for my sample also sticky strip and linen thread and snail adhesive and then any color cardstock you perfer and cordinating ink I am also using our new Hoilday double sided designer seriers paper with the new snow flurries and perfect ending all of which will be in the new holiday mini coming out Sept 1st - Nov 30th Once you have the supplies we can begin ..

stamp the header on your base card as shown below in photo

This step is the most important step for supension cards ..Take your designer paper and apply your ahesive to the back left side ONLY as in the photo below

this is what your card should look like once you apply your designer paper to the front of your base card Photo below

Take the biggest punch you have betwen the 2 you have picked out ..I am using the Lg oval punch .. Punch on the right hand side of your card ( making sure to stay away from the adhesive side you just did above ) Punch through the designer paper and the top of your base card ( DO not punch through the back of your card )

the below photo should be what your card looks like so far ( Photo #6)

ok now stamp a small word or image small enough to fit inside your smallest punch ( I am using the sm oval punch . you will stamp your image twice and punch out twice also one for front and one for back will make sence as we proceed down

apply sticky strip to only one of your punched images ( look at photo below #8)

apply a strip of linen thread and lay it across the sticky strip as shown in below photo #9once you have the linen thread applied to the back side of the sticky strip line up the second punch out of the same image making sure that both images are right face up so you can spin the center and see both images are the same

apply 2 small strips of sticky strip on top of the lg punch out under the designer paper and one strip under the large punch out under designer paper .see photo below #10

put the spinner / supension piece in the middle of the large punch out and press the linen thread down into the sticky strip making sure it stays put.. and then trim the linen thread so it will not show once you lay your designer paper down on top then using your reg adhesive apply your ahesive the the other part of the base card that your designer paper will adhere to . see blow photo #11

your finished card now embellish your fancy supension card

Dawns finshed card below

another card sample this one is a birthday card for a friend

Monday, August 07, 2006

Faux Tearing is another great techniuqe one of which I will be doing for my up coming stamp-a-stack .. very simple to make it look as though you have background paper attached to your cardstock when all it is is a FAUX techinque .. here is what you need :
2 pieces of scrap cardstock 4 1/4" X 2"
2 ink color choices ( one light and one darker ) my choice was cool caribbean & cranberry crisp
and a stamp set of your choice and of course Black ink

#1 tear your cardstock 2 scraps towards you this will be what you will lay ontop of your cardstock base ( whisper white ) once your finished tearing your scraps
#2 then lay them on top of the whipser white CS in any which way you want as long as there is a gap large enough to daub and stamp on I laid mine coner to corner but stright across would be nice also ..
#3 next use a dauber in the lighter shade of Ink you picked out daub where ever but remember to leave some white spaces where your darker color will be applied next ..
daubing all around the teared pieced of CS
#4 Do the steps above to apply the darker ink same as the lighter shade you just did BUT filling in the remainder of the white space ..Making sure not to move your Faux tearing template .
#5 Now once your finshed with the dauber and applying the ink to your liking .. Now using a stamp in Black ink Stamp your inages on top of your faux tearing area Paying close attendtion not to move your faux tearing templates Yet Once you finshed filling in your area remove your template and WOWZIE Faux Tearing .. looks fabulous .. People will actauly have to feel it to make sure it is NOT really BG paper ..Pretty cool huh? and then that great question ??HOW did you do that ??
Hi Stampers :
I thought I would jump onto this blogging thing and see if there is a want out there in the stamping world .. please post your comments and questions here I look forward to posting my thoughts and stampin ventures daily for all you wonderful stampers out there
Love Dawn